The Miss Letter

One person once said, “the most commonly-used word in love letters is MISS and not LOVE.”

I totally agree. It is our thought that love letters are supposed to convey “love” as they are called. But actually, love letters, often than not, are written to tell someone how much we missed them and that we are writing the letter to express these feelings and thoughts in words.

As love is something that can be said easily, in contrary, miss is something that we rarely say as it does not give more value to you and to the other person. Well, miss has the value of time and of the person.

We miss memories. We love people. Memories stay. People go.

Sometimes, we miss people even if we don’t love them. But we don’t have to love them even if we miss them.  Ironic!

Put simply, we can miss anyone around us without being obliged to love them in doing so. But rarely do we love people we can’t miss.

With your everyday life, how much of the time is spent on telling people you miss them?  And how much time on love?

When we say “I missed you” we mean “I have been wanting to be with you and that if time can be brought back, I would spend it with you.” Sounds and feels much sweeter, I guess.

Now, would you say you have missed someone?

My HP Love Story – Ends Today (A Farewell Letter)

5 November 2007.  That was the first day of my career in Hewlett Packard.

I just realized that it’s been 3 years and 10 months since I attended my New Employee Onboarding together with 80 other new hires.

We have been amazed by how great the organization is and how far it has become since its inception in 1939.

My first few days had been a continuous fun and got to learn more about my organization and HP in the Philippines.

I made lots of acquaintances and friends which helped me feel welcomed and accepted.

They were so supportive and accommodating to assist me in my day to day activities.

I haven’t had encountered such a warm and inclusive working environment.

They say that if you love what you’re doing, you won’t feel that you have worked a day.  That’s true!

Having good people make you feel you’re perfect for the job. That’s very rewarding!

I had my shares of ups and downs and the people I have worked with the past years have played differing roles making me what I am now. I got to learn bits and pieces of varying experiences from people, like me, who have been in constant search for new challenges.

Apologies if I was frustrated at times but it was mostly positive in the main.

Through the years, I have been grateful of how my career has progressed in this organization.  I learned a lot and it’s been an amazing journey.

I would like to thank the people I have worked with from various accounts – Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee, NatSteel, Impress Australasia, McDonalds and Aon UK.

You guys are the best!

Thank you to the people behind the fun and upbeat world of initiatives – New Employee Onboarding, Groove@HP, Recognition@HP, ITO and GSD Employee Engagement Teams.

You kept me engaged!

To the management, my mentors, my peers and colleagues, no words could express how much you’ve changed me and made me the best I can.

I will never forget the professional guidance, the support, and the care.  I have valued them, that’s for sure.

To AON Service Desk, you guys are my pride and joy.  The past year has been rough yet steady, that’s because of the enormous contribution you imparted to the team.

I will be forever a raving fan!

My prayers and wishes go to everyone.  All the best for more years to come!

Working with HP has given me growth and lots of winning stories I could bring to the new pasture I’m heading.

I got to work with several companies with different roles without even moving out of HP.  That’s fantastic!

9 September 2011.  My story ends.

Much has been said.  I’ll see you guys around!

Take care.



Jeff M. Fallecido

The Fascination Of The Laurel Wreath

Has anyone heard of what a laurel wreath is?  I bet you do.

The world's famous laurel wreath

Laurel wreath represents the commercial value of one of the famous global brands we call Fred Perry (FP).

I happen to be hooked with FP’s when I stepped in at its store in ION Orchard in Singapore.

The entire ambiance was welcoming and invigorating for someone who only prefers quality and style over price.

This brand has been in the industry since the late 1940’s with its maiden product, the sweatbands, launching its success.

Fred Perry’s array of product has grown immensely since then. Now, it has clothing, shoes, bags and accessories carrying the renowned seal.

What I like about FP is the fact that the clothing pieces are so versatile that you can wear them on any occasion – formal or daily casual.

The designs are tactfully simplified but with a touch of high fashion and elegance.

Who doesn’t want to wear that, right?

This fascination just got started and I ain’t quitting.

Holding Hands – A Repost

A little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.


The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter, “Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river.”

The little girl said, “No, Dad. You hold my hand.”

“What’s the difference?” Asked the puzzled father.

“There’s a big difference,” replied the little girl.

“If I hold your hand and something happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go.  But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go.”


In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond.

So, hold the hand of the person whom you love rather than expecting them to hold yours.

Troubleshooting Life

Who says IT isn’t cool? Some of the best solutions to life’s everyday problems are based on IT. I may say that what I learn through information technology I get to apply to face some of the random challenges I encounter, be it personal or work. The methods are systematic or procedural and often provide measurable results. They are applicable to all facets of one’s life. You can even use them over and over at any given time or situation. Below are some of the common procedures I have used and tested so far.

Undo and Redo. If you have done anything wrong to anyone or something that you regret doing, click the Undo button and Redo it by doing what is right. It always feels better redoing good things as it multiplies that feeling of content and happiness than undoing occurrences of disappointment. So long as you live, you will always be given another chance.

Detect and Repair. If you happen to be in a situation where you don’t have anything left but yourself and that you just want to breakdown and cry, check out the Detect and Repair option. Try to see any possible reasons of your sadness or indifference. You might want to do some self-healing exercise to overcome this situation. In the end, remember, you only get to upset or make happy yourself. No one else is there to help. Repair those loose ends and those impaired judgments. You will soon end the day with a smile.

Uninstall and Reinstall.  It is normal to feel that at some point, people will leave you for no specific reason and you have yourself wondering what it is. If you think you better get rid of any associations or affiliations, Uninstall them from your life. You are better off with people who understand you and care for you. People really come and go, we just have to accept that inevitable fact. People change for that matter. If some of them go, for sure new ones are never far behind. Reinstall and rekindle relationships with long lost friends or with people who were once your despicable enemies. Have some varied choices for support options. Life is a vicious cycle, we just have to live with that.

Reboot. If time will come that you are going nowhere with your life, your career or your relationship, it might be worth considering to restart all over. Look around and find some pieces you could start with. A simple hope, a happy disposition or even a little love. Put them all together and start a whole new you. People appreciate someone who knows how to deal with life and comes up victorious. A new place to live in, new people to deal with or perhaps a new being from inside out. No one can really dictate what makes you truly happy. Just try a reboot. And if everything else fails, do it again. Life doesn’t end with that.

Having these basic yet fundamental procedures, never would I think that IT can be this fun and relevant to everyday life. I am not computer literate. I haven’t had any formal IT education but I am able to pull through. I am now a subject matter expert of this thing called life. With a solid experience on life and a significant amount of open-mindedness, life should be easy to troubleshoot. Easy as 1,2,3. Trust me, it is.

[Troubleshooting Life by Jeff Fallecido, 3:15 AM 3 July 2011]

Preface To My Life Pages.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” ~Robert Frost

Indeed.  Life is an ongoing journey..

One, while living, continues to grow and learn things along the way.

With my 31 years of existence, I may say that I have been through tons of ups and downs which made me the person I am today.  I have learnt most of them the hard way.  I guess, that is life’s way of saying that we don’t get to learn things in this world without going through the pain and hard work.  We only appreciate things if hard-earned.  That’s true.

Life never promised that it is a walk in the park.  Instead, it is a series of battles and undertakings which we are given chances to choose.

In life, there are only two possibilities.  So, make it count!

This blog is intended for those who love sharing life experiences with people who are fascinated by it.

You must be one of them if you have gone reading this far.